Friday, July 03, 2020

Im with Puja Sharma.

Once, Sachin Tendulkar and David Beckham were watching a game of Maria Sharapova. After the game, a journalist asked Sharapova whether she knew Tendulkar and Beckham. She identified Becks so easily but she was unknown about Tendulkar. This incidence irate Indians. They started to burn posters of Maria and started a social media campaign against her. Later, Sachin had to make personal requests to soothe Indian fans.  
Do you think, Sharapova should know Sachin? As both were pioneers in their game we can expect both of them to know each other well. But it is not possible to get information about every field. Sharapova was Russian, where cricket is rarely played and have very less knowledge about cricket, was not wrong to have no information about cricket and its players.
A similar incidence is developing here in Nepal. Actress Puja Sharma has been chastised for her inadequate knowledge about the number of provinces and districts in Nepal. As an eminent actress, it would be better if she knows these minor facts. But she doesn’t deserve such animosity even if she does not know these facts.