Dialectical materialism is believed ti be based in science and considered as scientific philosophy. But it is always true? I just want to give an example. Communist believe that the human development started from communist and later developed in slave, feudal and capitalistic state and finally end in communism. in this way class difference increase till capitalism and finally collapsed in communism state. Does it violate some scientific facts? Obviously there is a scientific term known as entropy which is measurement of disorder and that tells that disorderliness never decrease with time. so if Marxism or communism is scientifdic philosophy then communis will be in more disordered state then in capitalistic state. And if it doesnot accept then it cannot be called as scientifis philosophy.
Some may ask that what is the relationship between the scientific term and human development? Marxism describes society in reference of scientific facts. so it is just an example that how some scientific facts are violated by it. but is is n not true that Marxism is wrong/. but it has certain boundry to recent scientific developement which should be fulfilled by new philosopher.