1. Which of the following statements about units and dimensions is correct?
   a) Units refer to the nature of physical quantities, while dimensions quantify them.
   b) Units quantify physical quantities, while dimensions refer to their nature.
   c) Units and dimensions are interchangeable terms.
   d) Units are only used in scientific measurements.

2. What is the main purpose of consistent units in scientific calculations?
   a) To confuse researchers
   b) To ensure accurate and reliable calculations
   c) To limit the scope of measurements
   d) To make calculations more challenging

3. Which system of units is commonly used in physics and uses centimeter-gram-second as its base units?
   a) MKS system
   b) FPS system
   c) CGS system
   d) SI system

4. What does the prefix "milli" represent in the metric system?
   a) 10^3
   b) 10^-3
   c) 10^6
   d) 10^-6

5. Which prefix is used to denote extremely large quantities, such as in data storage capacities?
   a) Kilo
   b) Mega
   c) Micro
   d) Pico

6. In the MKS system, what is the base unit for time?
   a) Second
   b) Hour
   c) Minute
   d) Day

7. Which prefix is commonly used in nanotechnology and electronics?
   a) Mega
   b) Nano
   c) Micro
   d) Pico

8. What is the factor corresponding to the prefix "giga"?
   a) 10^-9
   b) 10^3
   c) 10^6
   d) 10^9

9. Which system of units is primarily used in the United States and employs foot-pound-second as its base units?
   a) MKS system
   b) CGS system
   c) FPS system
   d) SI system

10. What is the factor corresponding to the prefix "femto"?
    a) 10^-3
    b) 10^-9
    c) 10^-12
    d) 10^-15