Stress am

ong kids inside classroom is one of the most prevalent issue around the globe. Kids, who came to school from different backgrounds and have different learning abilities and attitudes are kept in same classroom, which sometimes make their learning process tedious and boring. And many pedagogical methods are also becoming ineffective. In this article, Im trying to highlight few meditation techniques which can soothe students and increase their concentration and enhance learning activities.

When they arrive school

Every kid is a psychological entity. So, when he /she arrives to school, he / she is not arriving alone, but also with his/her family and society and their sociological and psychological troubles too. So, it is necessary to soothe them before starting learning activities. As, they have just after taking meal, it is not recommended to follow some physical exercise. So it is recommended to go through some breathing techniques or medication techniques. So " Bhramari Pranayama" in which generally hmmmmm sound is produced, without opening the mouth is recommended, which will enhance concentration and calm their mind, Also, teacher can draw a small line or point on board and encourages students to focus on it, without blinking, as much as they can. Later, they can close their eye but focus on the same object formed even when eye is closed. This practice will help them to gain concentration.

After one or two periods

All subjects in school are different than each other and so does their learning procedures. So, sometimes it may be difficult for students to shift their attention from one subject to another subject immediately. Specially when there is not a single minute break between two class, students may feel exhausted and loose their concentration. In such scenario, teacher may encourage students to practice 'Bhastrika' , in which chest is only allowed without expanding or contracting of abdomen, and breath in and breath out is done gently. And students may focus on the sound of breath, which is also known as mindful meditation. This practice will help to soothe the mind and regain concentration.

After long break

During long break, students generally play games. When they re enter to class, their mind will be free from every tension but their body will be exhausted. So, it is necessary to have some rest before starting classroom activities. If teacher has knowledge (and I recommend to learn this) , teacher can guide students to go through Yoganidra. Five to ten minutes practice of Yoga Nidra will relieve all fatigue and reinvigorate students for learning process..

When they leave school.

As we have already discussed in beginning, when kids return to home, they may have hangover remaining from school. But when they reach their home, they must be free from this.So, free dance or some relieving exercise is recommended.


Besides all teaching learn activities, we can implement some meditation or breathing techniques which can enhance smooth and joyful learning.