Meat is probably the most sought after and controversial food. Meat dishes are used all over the world in one form or another. Non vegeterians eat meat dishes  for its test taste whereas vegetation have some logjc against its consumption. This article attempts to analyze some of the claims made against meat. 
 The first argument against meat eating is that the length of our intestines are almost equal to the length of the intestines of vegetarian animals. In nature, the length of the intestines of carnivorous animals is different from the length of the intestines of fully vegetarian animals. And it's not hard to see that the human gut developed for a vegetarian diet. But another fact is that our digestive system cannot digest even a variety of grains or nuts that are easily digested by vegetarian animals. This indicates that our digestive system has been different from that of a vegetarian animal for a few weeks. Now let's think about it a little bit. In nature, only humans make food using fire. When fire was first used, and man was learning to make delicious  food from the use of fire, his digestive system was stronger than it is now. He could digest food as it was available in nature. But as the use of fire increased, some of the digestive system's functions began to take place outside the body. Just as a herbivorous animal eats a corn kernel, its digestive system can break that grain, and the use of fire can break down and soften the chemicals in it, freeing the digestive system from the burden of breaking it. Thus for a long time, as fire was being used, the human digestive system was losing its ability. In this way, the human intestine became different from that of a vegetarian animal. Our intestines are unable to digest raw meat, but when properly cooked or roasted, our intestines do not have difficulty digesting it. Because like fire, a part of our body's digestive system is outside our body.
 Another argument of the meat-eating opposition is that killing and eating animals is a cruel act in itself. In a sense, this argument is correct. So, would meat be cruel or dairy industry? This can be debated. But in my understanding, the dairy industry is more cruel than meat industry. . How cruel can it be for a cow or a buffalo to use the milk for human benifit, thay cow or buffalo produces for its child without giving it to him? Consider how painful it would be for a woman to keep her newborn baby somewhere and take out her milk and use it by others. Don't cows and buffaloes feel that pain? Some people say that we only use excess milk from cows or buffaloes. But there is not much to say in nature. Nature considers it necessary to reduce the amount of energy used to make milk, rather than overflowing. So the milk we use is a nutritious food produced by a mother for her baby. In the name of producing more milk, they are deprived of the same nutritious food and even fed in the open. Now tell me, is it cruel to kill an animal or to kill the motherhood of a mother?

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