Every year in Gorkha a running competition is

organised, which commemorates the race of Ligligkot, which is regarded as the cornerstone of Nepalese history. Winner of that race, Drabya Shah, established Shah dynasty, which ruled Nepal for o more than 300 years. And now the winner of the race receives the honour of being a king for one day. This is not a part of the culture or not a part of the tradition, but people take part with zeal and enthusiasm. 
Also, there are many cultural festivals, which are on the verge of extinction, because of the indifference of people towards those cultural events.
Many people think that the effect of western culture our Christian hegemony is responsible for the decline of cultural values and practices. But they fail to realise that dear cultural beliefs or practices are no more entertaining peoples. For example, before the arrival of television, there used to be dancing events, like Lakhe nach, and people used to wait for months to take part or observe it. There used to be only a few dancing ceremonies, people used to have only one option of entertainment. But, after the advent of television and later on the internet where people can watch better dance with good choreography and graphics, it is obvious that they will no longer interested to observe cultural dances.
In the other hand, we can see a few festivals are generating more dopamine level then they used to do in past. For example, people wait for That, Shivaratri or Dashai desperately. If you analyse these festivals, we can see that, along with some traditional values, some modern and extra values are added to these festivals. For examples, people wait for Dashain not only for traditional celebration but also for photoshoots. Similarly, people wait for Shivaratri, not only for fasting or worship of God but also for marijuana, which can be consumed legally on that day. Another tradition, that marks the birth of Lord Krishna, was losing values, but nowadays, parents started to dress up their kids, as lord Krishna, which means this celebration is also gaining some values.
Charles Darwin, who formulated the theory of evolution, had said that that organism will continue to survive, which can adapt to the new environment. This theory applies to toes to every facet of nature. In terms of the cultural revolution, it can be said that only those cultures will survive which can change themself with the demand of modern civilization.
In the liberal world, which is based on the people's choice, their perception is regarded as the only truth. In an election, if a demagogue gets more votes, no one can say that people's choice is wrong. Similarly, even if good cultures are disregarded, and bad wishes are made by the majority of people, only by theoretical explanation of those good cultures, we cannot convince people to follow them.
Charles Darwin formulated a theory, which states that only those organism will survive, which can adapt to the new environment. Same goes for social or cultural evolution. Only those cultures will thrive which can adapt to the new environment, which is the human psyche. So, instead of blaming westerners or Christians, stakeholders must develop new ideas to publicize cultural practices according to new human psyche preserving their inherent values. 

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