Psychological effects of corona havoc on students

Meanwhile, the lockdown that started due to the Corona outbreak is nearing completion in six months. Almost all sectors are at a standstill and  education sector is not exception.. The request by the Ministry of Education to expedite the examination even before the outbreak of the Corona outbreak confirms that one of the areas most affected by the outbreak is the education sector.

However, in order to minimize the damage as much as possible, some educational institutions have continued learning campaigns through alternative means.

At this time, I am not talking about the fact that the educational institution has not been able to collect the fees on time and the teachers have not been paid. Instead, I'm writing about something more complex and undiscussed.

When we started the virtual class, we estimated that this class would last only two months at most. And no one had prepared for that longer. But after running virtual classes for about 6 months, many educational institutions are still not able to conduct learning campaigns by any means. This means that by the time everything is normal and all the schools are open, the schools which are continuing teaching learning will have almost completed this year's curriculum, while many schools will be closed for a long time. As a result, students studying in schools that have not been able to continue their learning campaigns will fall behind in the learning process. If this situation continues for another three or four months, half of the students will be able to complete one academic session. If there is no other policy decision about this and the new academic session starts when everything is normal, they may have to repeat the same class and the same curriculum again. This can lead to extreme frustration in those students. On the other hand, when students at the same level continue to participate in the learning process, not being able to participate in that process can lead to similar frustration in students. If this psychological aspect of the millions of students in school education is ignored, a whole generation may go into depression. But the concerned bodies seem to be completely ignorant of this aspect. Neither the Ministry of Education has been able to make any concrete policy decisions in this regard nor the institutions set up to work for schools and students seem to be concerned about this.

Recently, the government has been revising the curriculum but is talking about completing the academic session. But even after half a year, no initiative has been taken. The government has not considered it necessary to inform the schools teaching on the basis of the old curriculum. Similarly, it is still unclear how to adjust after the revised syllabus. I myself am not clear on what to answer the students if the subject I am teaching now is not included in the revised syllabus. On the one hand, the government is allowing the learning campaign to continue through alternative means, but it is unclear how to measure it and how to document the learning process.

As a result, some parents are determined to send their wards to schools next year. But based on the interaction with the students in the classroom, I can say that sending students to another section in the same school has seen negative results in some cases. So, are we really serious, how students will think , if their friends are promoted to next class whereas they are left behind. 

Corona has affected all areas, and schools will probably reopen at the very end due to gatherings at children's health training institutions. But on the other hand, the economic woes of other sectors will begin to improve as soon as they return to normal. Everything will start to go smoothly. But even if the schools where the children study are open, they will not return to normal immediately due to the above mentioned complications and other similar complications. As a result, the depression among the children will increase and an entire generation of the country will be headed towards ruin. Are our stakeholders concerned?

With regards