There is an old myth or belief that communists read a lot.  I have attended few communist trainings, where most of the trainers focused on reading and updating everyday to be a real communist . It is not surprising to see a library in a residence of a communist. 

We have a communist government and a person,  who is generally mocked by is opponents for his poor academic background and revered by his followers for his study during his 14 years long sentence, is prime minister. And recently he cas started using tiktok , a video sharing platform. 

A communist leader is supposed to write volumes which encompasses historical background , theories of Marx, Lenin and other communist leader and make conclusions. Instead he has choosen to use a video sharing platform, which is popular for the short videos it is featuring.

This trend is not shocking. In past, people used to have only one source of knowledge, which was books. Later they had radio , and television, but people could have missed many programms because of their hectic schedule. We generally get a response "Im not a  radio", if someome do not want to repeat what they have said earlier.  So, we can easily imagine , how hard it used to be to get information once it is missed.

So, book used to be a good source if information and records as well.

But after the advent of modern technology, such as video platform, we saw a paradigm shift.

Thick and bulky novels started to be featured in a movie. Why to dwell for weeks on a book if a movie of two or three hours can feature entire story? 

But things does not get stop here. Twitter and Facebook almost made a long and bulky articles outdated. Who will read three page articles when summary is available in two or three lines? 

And tiktok and other short video platforms replaced the trend of lengthy videos.

And nowadays it becomes mandatory to express in succinct notes. Who cares how much you know, how long you write or how many hours you can speak?

 In the era of fast food, noone has more time to read lengthy passant or listen boring speech. 

Mr KP Oli knows this fact really well. He knows, people want to hear the gist of his speech not the entire speech. And he started to use tiktok.

And, in the era of fast food, even a communist can denounce the idea of reading or writing book. Are you still craving for book? 

And finally , did you reach upto here? Thank you for reading this entire post. And thank you you for your valuable time. At least you thought this article is useful enough than some Facebook stories or some tiktok videos.

Thank you very much 

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