Vultures also known as sweeper of nature were believed to be extinct, from Kerunga Arghakhanchi, as not a single species were seen here since last ten years. But today we observed more than ten vultures, Which were sitting in bombax tree. 
Vultures who love bombax tree and generally make nest only on this tree. There was only one tree in vicinity so all ten vultures took a rest and flew away. 

Traditionally, people used to dump dead animals in forest and vultures used to relish upon it. Almost every family used to possess domesticated animals and there used be no shortage of food. But, nowadays only few people possess domesticated animals, and they use antibiotics if they became ill.  Such antibiotics are harmful for the kidney of vultures. So, shortage of food and extreme use of antibiotics are a reason of declining the number of vultures.
Government of Nepal has established many restaurants for vultures and also there is special plan which comprises of a vulture reproduction area, and again the number of vultures is surging.
I don't know why these precious species of nature visited out village today, may be because their number is growing and they want new habitat, or they left old habitat because of climate change or any other reason. But I was too excited to welcome them again.